Woodland Elementary students and staff welcomed the Oak Ridge Fire Department on Thursday, October 25th to teach us about Fire Safety. Our morning began with an assembly presented by ORFD. We watched YouTube videos made just for us to teach about fire safety. (The videos can be accessed on the Fire Department’s Youtube Channel) Sparky the Firedog also made a special appearance during the morning assembly.


After the morning assembly, students participated in the fire safety stations outside. These stations allowed students to explore all the equipment firemen have on their trucks. We also practiced what to do in case of a fire. We practiced crawling low under the smoke. We also practiced what to do if you hear the smoke alarm sound: stay low and check for smoke; if there is smoke on the other side of the door, use a window.

If you see smoke, use the window like this first grade friend!

Smoke rises, so stay close to the ground!

Practicing staying low can be fun!

There is so much to see on this truck!


The students at Woodland always enjoy our Fire Safety Day, and we are so grateful to the Oak Ridge Fire Department and all they do to teach our kids how to be safe in a fire!

Mrs. Pickel’s Class

Mrs. Sugg’s Class

Mrs. Spangler’s Class