Dan Schwartz, School Counselor

Dan ScwartzAs the School Counselor at Willow Brook Elementary, Mr. Dan Schwartz (Known mostly by students, faculty, and parents as “Mr. Dan” here at Willow Brook) serves a variety of roles. Mr. Dan welcomes new students and their families to the school, meets with students and their families, consults with teachers regularly, works with community agencies and side by side with Mrs. Jo Bruce and Mrs. Peters in Willow Brook’s Family Resource Center, and visits classrooms throughout the year completing character education, study skills, and other guidance topics during his lessons.

Mr. Dan is a graduate of Oak Ridge High School and has been at Willow Brook Elementary as the School Counselor since July 2008. Mr. Dan has received his BA from the University of Tennessee, MAT in Education from Boston University, and his Ed.S. in School Counseling from the University of Tennessee.


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