Here at Willow Brook, Fourth Grade students have the opportunity to be involved in Safety Patrol.  We look for student leaders who possess the following qualifications:
     1.  Leadership Skills (Follows the Willow Brook Promise of being Honest, Courteous, Respectful, Responsible and a Hard Worker at all times.)
     2.  Good Attendance (this includes tardiness and early check-outs.)
     3.  Willingness to work as a team.
     4.  Ability to maintain a high level of behavior in all areas during the school day.
     5.  Homework and assignment completion in the classroom.
If you feel that you possess these qualifications, and have a desire to serve the school as a WBES Safety Patrol during your fourth grade year, please click on the application link below.  Once complete, have a parent sign and turn the application in to Willow Brook Elementary by Friday, May 15th.  The front office will accept application Monday, May 11th through May 15th (1:00- 4:00 p.m.).

WB Safety Patrol Application