20 Fun Things to do with your Kids during Quarantine

1. Have a Talent Show- let the kids put on a show featuring themselves! Great for their self -esteem.

2. Art Gallery Showing- have the kids make a self-portrait or any kind of art work. Display it on a wall, put out snacks, play classical music and get ready to brag on their masterpieces.

3. Be an engineer for the day- practice engineering skills by building with Lincoln Logs, Knex or Magnatiles.

4. Zoo Day- make a pretend zoo using all of those stuffed animals your kids have collected over the years. Ask the kids to be your zoo tour guide and tell you about each animal. You can have them research each animal online beforehand so they will have lots to talk about when they show you around the zoo.

5. Play free computer games at PBSKids.org or go to ABCMouse.com for a free 30 day trial.

6. Play Hide and Seek, Tag, Red Rover, etc. Teach them games you played when you were young.

7. Get some sidewalk chalk, a ball and play Four Square.

8. Play School. While learning from home, let your kids model what a typical school day looks like and let them try teaching you! Kids learn a lot when showing others how to do things.

9. Learn Magic! Research fun and easy magic tricks to do together.

10. Fishing- head to a secluded spot by the lake and catch some fish!

11. Dance Party- have a 70’s day, 80’s day and a 90’s day. Dress up and learn the famous dance moves from each decade.

12. Go to Nickelodeonparents.com for lots of recipes, indoor activities, printable coloring sheets, arts and crafts activities, etc.

13. Go to the Oscars!- Watch your favorite movies and host a reward show for your favorite. Be movie critics and rate each one.

14. Practice Mindfulness. Go to youtube kids and type in Mindfulness Meditation for Kids.

15. Learn to Draw. Disney animator Michael Woodside is hosting a daily drawing class for kids on You Tube.

16. Workout. Go to YouTube Kids for tons of free kid friendly workouts. Watch them first to make sure they are age appropriate and fun.

17. Karaoke! Find your favorite songs and look up the lyrics. YouTube kids has a few good ones.

18. Have a tea party. Teach table manners while having fun!

19. Start a family journal. Each family member takes turns writing to each other and shares how they are feeling and how proud they are of each other. Great for teens!

20. Create a boredom jar. Cut up some of these ideas and place them in a jar. When the kids say “I’m Bored” have them pull out one idea from the jar. Feel free to add some chores in there!