Hey Glenwood Cubs!  It’s Ms. Green. 

Come check out all the great links on my Clever page. This will be a good place to find things like:

  • Read alouds from our favorite authors, actors, sports stars, and others

  • Virtual filed trips 

  • Access to free online books & audio books

  • Cool stuff that I discover in my daily searches

 Cubs and parents, feel free to email me with any questions you might have about links, book suggestions,  or anything else, my email is bagreen@ortn.edu

Looking for some good books to read?

  Check out these links for great suggestions:

Elementary: Free-ebooks and digital-audiobooks

Good Reads: Kids List

Imagination Soup

Reading Rockets

Read Brightly

The Children’s Books : We have a list for that!  

If you like this book…Read this one next!!!!

Books in a Series and Sequels


Check out the 2022 ALA Youth Media Book Awards  The ALA has released their 2020 Youth Media Book Awards.  See the categories, winners, and honors by clicking HERE.