Oak Ridge Schools, the Office of Coordinated School Health and the ORHS Cross Country team hosted the Annual Oak Ridge Schools Turkey Trot on Tuesday, November 14 at A.K. Bissell Park. The race included 265 total runners, including representation from all four elementary schools, both middle schools, and Oak Ridge Preschool.

“I’m thrilled with the turnout this year,” said Marcia Wade, Coordinated School Health Coordinator, “not only from our students, but the incredible support that their families, our teachers, and our community showed. Developing a love of exercise at a young age is critical in long term health, and the excitement that surrounds this annual event has grown every year for more than 10 years.”

“We are thankful for the turkey trot,” said Khouan Oakgrove, mother of ORS kindergartner Johan Oakgrove. “We had no idea my son was a runner until he got second place this year and fifth place last year. We knew he always had a ton of energy, but it never occurred to us to put it towards running.”

The winners in each group are as follows:

Pre-K-Kindergarten 1/3  mile race: (67 total participants)

Girls: Boys:
1st place: Robyn Burge 3:02 1st place: Thomas Dongarra 2:45
2nd place:  Zoe Mulholland 3:23 2nd place: Johan Oakgrove 2:57
3rd place:  Maddie Jones 3:51 3rd place: Beckett White 3:00
4th place:  Audrey Lukes 3:51 4th place:  Na’Kyrah Moore 3:06:34
5th place:  Avalynn Martin 3:53 5th place: Xander Baker 3:06:73
6th place:  Journey Keaton 3:54 6th place: Luke Caylor 3:08


1st and 2nd Grade ½ mile race: (105 total participants)

Girls: Boys:
1st place:  Kyleigh Johsnon 3:32 1st place:  Vernon Jones 3:19
2nd place:  Nora Lewellyn 3:41 2nd place: Paxton Johnson 3:20
3rd place:   Penelope Eckman 3:57 3rd place:  Zachary Dongarra 3:34
4th place:   Phia Reed 4:02 4th place:   Case Bishop 3:37
5th place:   Maisy Norris 4:08 5th place:   Greyson Daniels 3:38
6th place:   Rossi Casteel 4:10 6th place:   Chandler Malone 3:42


3rd and 4th grade mile race: (68 total participants)

Girls: Boys:
1st place:  Avery Stevens 7:07 1st place:  Trevor Chapshaw 6:50
2nd place: Molly Burge 7:27 2nd place: Tate Cullen 6:51
3rd place: Phoebe Reed 7:33 3rd place: Maddox Lee 7:02
4th place:   Lillian Tingle 7:50 4th place: Jonathan Monceeballz-Alicia 7:06
5th place:   LaBrea Kneiser 8:12 5th place: Brazton Wilson 7:15
6th place:   Skylar McNeal 8:56 6th place: Emmitt Branson 7:16


5th Grade mile race (25 total participants)

Girls: Boys:
1st place: Reese Tiller 7:10 1st place: Haldon Menaffey 6:13
2nd place: Emberly Broscious 7:32 2nd place: Emmett Daniels 6:23
3rd place:  Ansley Alden 7:50 3rd place: Jackson Taubenheim 6:27
4th place:  Phoebe Weston 7:55 4th place:  Hudson Flatau 6:33:05
5th place:  Naomi Murray 8:13 5th place:  Bradyn Thomas 6:33:30
6th place:  Rhyzara Watkins 9:28 6th place:  Christian Raifsnider 6:33:53


Thanks to supportive and generous sponsors, the event was offered free for students. Platinum sponsors ($500 donation+):  East TN Orthodontics, the Anderson County Health Department, SFE and East TN Pediatric Dentistry. Gold sponsors ($250 donation):  ASAP of Anderson, Benchmark Physical Therapy and TN Orthopedic Clinic. We would also like to thank our gracious volunteers: Coach Ed Wright and the ORHS Cross Country Team, Coach Katie Bolling and the JMS Girls’ Basketball team, ORS Nursing Department, ORHS Interact Volunteers, the City of Oak Ridge and the Oak Ridge Fire Department.

Without the generous help of sponsors and volunteers this event would not be possible. Their efforts are truly appreciated by Oak Ridge Schools and the entire Oak Ridge Community.

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