School Mottolinden-edited

I am respectful.

I am responsible.

I am ready.

I am safe.

Willing to work, grow, and learn for a better tomorrow.

Core Values

  • Friendship– Linden believes friendship is showing loyalty, affection, and goodwill toward others.
  • Learning– Linden believes learning is a life long process which transforms information and experience into knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes.
  • Compassion– Linden believes compassion is showing fairness, empathy, and respect through actions that will benefit others.
  • Trust– Linden believes trust is placing confidence in another person to perform tasks in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Responsibility– Linden believes responsibility is being dependable, accountable, and reliable in any situation.
  • Caring– Linden believes caring is acknowledging those around you and listening to concerns of others without judgement.
  • Fun– Linden believes the school environment should be happy an enjoyable place to learn.

About the School

Our school is proud to teach approximately 500 Kindergarten through Fourth grade students. The long tradition of our caring, compassionate staff and overwhelming parental and community involvement continue to contribute to our overall academic.

We enjoy working with each and every child and family throughout our school environment. All students in our school will not only learn the much important common core academic standards, but will also be taught to be responsible, respectful, ready, and safe.