SCA’s Mission is to provide adaptive programming that meets the unique emotional, social and academic needs of our diverse student population in a safe, nurturing and accountable environment.


SCA’s Vision is for every student to realize emotional, behavioral and academic wellness


SCA’s Goal is for each student to return to their base school and exhibit social, behavioral and academic success.


SCA Belief Statements are

  • Active listing builds trust
  • Relationships are essential
  • Celebrating accomplishments promote growth
  • Time is an ally
  • Perceptions are reality and can only change through experiences
  • School structures give order, stability and confidence
  • Accountability and co-regulation teach self-control
  • Staff competence makes a difference
  • Students benefit from school/parent communication
  • Family and community are important for young people
  • In the now, process is more important than results
  • In growing up, a child should know some joy in each day