This year’s Fire Safety Day was focused on the theme, “Not All Heroes Wear Capes.” Woodland students had a blast this past Thursday practicing fire safety thanks to the Oak Ridge Fire Department!

Our morning began with a school-wide assembly in the gym.

Fire Safety Assembly Fire Safety Assembly

During the day each class rotated through Fire Safety Stations outside. We practiced “Stop, Drop, and Roll,” responding to a fire alarm if you are asleep in your bed, crawling low under smoke, and checking out the fire engine.

Stop, Drop, and Roll    Sparky showing how to respond to a fire alarm   If the door is hot, go out a window feet first

Stay low if you see smoke

We also had a chance to take a picture with the fire engine!

First graders pose with the fire truck     First graders pose with the fire truck

Mrs. Sauer's friends pose with Sparky     First graders pose with the fire truck

Thank you ORFD for an amazing day!