We want to thank everyone for helping our school collect markers for recycling. Because of your efforts, we collected 1,964 markers!

These markers will go to a special recycling factory where they will be melted down and turned into diesel fuel. We collected enough markers to make more than three gallons of diesel fuel!

1st Graders counting markers    1st Graders counting markers

That may not sound like much, but imagine if every elementary school could collect that same amount of markers. There are about 89,000 elementary schools in the United States. If EVERY elementary school in our country did what we did, that would recycle thousands of used markers into 267,000 gallons of diesel fuel!

2nd Graders counting markers    1st Graders counting markers

That’s not the only positive impact recycling used markers has. We have helped keep thousands of pounds of plastic out of our landfills. That is an important effort, because plastics are already damaging so much of our environment.

So, thanks again for helping our school bring positive change to our planet, and keep saving those used markers! We will start collecting again next school year!