The Oak Ridge school board recently nominated Tara Kneiser to qualify as the Tennessee School Board Association (TSBA) Volunteer of the Year. In the first round of qualification, Tara earned the East District School Volunteer of the Year award.  She now is one of nine volunteers from across the State who qualifies to become the State School Volunteer of the Year. This state-level award will be presented to one of the nine finalists at the TSBA Convention in November.

Our school board members attended the TSBA fall district meeting at Maryville High School, where vice chair, Laura McLean, was presented with recognition for Level IV Boardmanship.  To encourage professional growth of school board members, TSBA offers certified board member awards and a master board member award to members who invest their time and effort into becoming more informed and more effective school board members. The award is given for participation in activities outside of local school board obligations. There are five levels of recognition, and Levels I through IV are recognized during Fall District Meetings and those receiving Level V, Master Board Member, are recognized at the annual TSBA convention held each November.


TSBA Awards