Hello, Jefferson Middle School families and parents!

We can hardly believe we are in the middle of Term 2! As we all continue to push students toward greater heights, we want to remind our families that each of you is a paramount accelerator of learning at home. Research has shown us consistently that families are our largest asset when it comes to students’ academic growth and behavior. We want to encourage families to talk with your children at home; ask them to show you any homework assignments. “Well-designed homework assignments are beneficial to students and can communicate with parents what their children are learning at school.” Also, consider reading with your child or prompting them to read independently at home, routinely, for 20 minutes. Have an engaging conversation with questions about what they read! Research proves that “reading at home for at least twenty minutes a day has significant academic benefits.” Another way to help your children grow academically and emotionally is to “Set and enforce screen-time limits and steer children toward reading, exercise, and play instead.