Little Women is a classic tale of four differently talented sisters whose mother is doing the best she can to manage their dwindling finances while their chaplain father serves on the front lines in the Civil War. From precocious Amy to quiet Beth to tomboy Jo to mature Meg, the story follows the growing girls from fun and fights of adolescence to the tumultuous adult world. The four sisters adopt the neighbor boy Laurie as a brother, but when his feelings for Jo become more than platonic, Jo must decide for herself what to do with those feelings.

Under the direction of Benjamin Fowler, who has appeared in, directed, or produced nearly two dozen stage productions and is the Instructional Technology Coach at Jefferson Middle School, Little Women offers laughs, love, and an alternately warm and sobering exploration of what family means.

Advanced tickets are $6 and are available at The Ferrell Shop and the ORHS Bookkeeper’s office.  Shows are Thursday, November 14 at 7pm, Saturday, Nov 16 at 7, and Sunday, Nov 17 at 2pm.

Excerpt written by Vidal Moreno

Little Women Flyer