Classroom Computer Time

Moby Max
Long i practice


Spelling Word Practice
Practice spelling words using a variety of games.  Also, take a practice test.
Common and Proper Nouns
Play basketball by choosing if a word is a common noun or a proper noun.
Vowel Pattern Practice
Choose the correct vowel pattern to build a sandcastle.
Help the tooth fairy decide which words are opposite words.
Compound Words
Play a matching game to make compound words.
Various Skills Review
Magic Key Adventure Games to review Language Arts skills
Sentence Clubhouse
Word Building
Spelling Practice
Language Arts Review
Review of various Language Arts skills.
Spelling Practice
Spin and spell game for spelling challenges
Various skills review
review various skills through games
Skills Practice

Reading Bear

Practice vowels, blends, digraphs, and other skills to enhance reading.


ending punctuation practice #1
ending punctuation practice #2
ending punctuation practice #3
ending punctuation practice #4

capital letter practice #1

Roy the zebra games

capital letter practice #2

Magical Capitals game

capital letter practice #3
Capital Letter practice
Singular/Plural Nouns
common nouns
proper nouns
common nouns
punctuation marks

Sight Word Practice

Hear your sight words
Make flash cards for practice at home
Make phrase cards to practice at home


Telling Time Review
Play “Stop The Clock.”
Shape Sorting
Using a Venn diagram, sort shapes according to their attributes.
Use the polygons to form your own pictures.
Various Skills Review Practice Tests
Telling Time Review Games
Various games to review telling time.
Comparing Numbers
Compare and order numbers (greater than, less than, equal to)
Numbers to 100
Order numbers to 100.
Skills Practice the correlates to Tennessee standards
This site will give students practice with each Tennessee state curriculum standard for math in first grade.
Curriculum Standard Practice
Site offers practice that correlates with each of the Tennessee curriculum standards for first grade.
Telling Time
Move the hands on the clock to show the given time.
Clock Review
Move the hands on the clock to show the correct time.
Counting Money
Counting Money (challenge)
Odd/Even Number Review
Counting Money
Counting Money
All About Money (games and printable practice sheets)
Ten Frames
Telling Time To The Hour
Telling Time Games
Set the hands on the clock

Math Fact Fluency

Math Magician
Alien Addition
Addition Facts Practice
Subtraction Facts Review
Addition Review
Addition Practice
Slime Subtraction


Various Skills Review
Science Subject Review
various Science subject review sites

Social Studies

Various Skills
Social Studies review
various Social Studies review sites