Technicians and instructional technology coaches provide support to the students and staff of ORS in order to meet the District’s goal of educating all students to high standards and enabling them to become productive, responsible digital citizens and learners.

In order to provide additional support for Access Oak Ridge, ORS has a team whose primary focus is first-line support for the Access Oak Ridge student devices comprised of Shelia Griffin, Tyler Richardson and Scott Rosen.

Services that we provide

ORS Technical Support Department technicians provide repair and support for computers, printers, monitors, and other electronic instructional equipment. If you have a hardware issue, please visit and create a work order ticket.

Provide support and assistance with technical software issues. If you would like to request new software, please create a work order ticket, and your request will be reviewed. If you would like to view what software you currently have access to, please visit the Software Center and Application Catalog, located in your Windows Start Menu.

We support Voicemail, IP phones, landlines, and fax machine connections when applicable.

Instructional Technology Coaches

Michael Carvella
Preschool and Secret City Academy Instructional Technology Coach

Heather Henderlight
Glenwood and Woodland Elementary Schools Instructional Technology Coach

Jean Phillips
Linden and Willow Brook Elementary Schools Instructional Technology Coach

John Quarles
Robertsville Middle School Instructional Technology Coach

Olivia Ritter
Oak Ridge High School Instructional Technology Coach