2013 State Report Card

On October 22, 2015, The Tennessee Department of Education released the 2015 State Report Card for pre-K-12 education. Results show how Oak Ridge Schools have improved, and how we compare to other districts in the State of Tennessee. The new Report Card site employs the following features:

  • A Profile page that includes student demographics as well as value-added composites, student achievement on state assessments, graduation rate and ACT.
  • A Comparisons tab that allows the user to create a comparison between the state, schools and districts on the following measures – Achievement, Graduation Rate, ACT Scores, Student Enrollment and Ethnicity, Per Pupil Funding, and Value-Added Composite Scores.
  • A College and Career Readiness tab that includes data on graduation rates, ACT scores, ACT college readiness benchmarks and students meeting the HOPE Scholarship Eligibility on ACT.
  • NAEP Data
  • Detailed Achievement and Accountability Data Files
  • School Accountability Results

Please download the attached document to view the State Report Card for Oak Ridge Schools.
To see how Oak Ridge compares to other districts or to see results for individual schools, click this link: http://www.tn.gov/education/topic/report-card

2013 State Report Card (1 Files)
Download 2015 Oak Ridge Schools State Report Card